Jim Kitzmiller
            Systems Architect


Organization Charts - Orchestrate Your Business

Organization charts define the layout of your business.

How do you know what should be on your chart? For one thing, if some task keeps hitting you in the face, it should be covered somewhere in your organization chart.

You want to be sure everything is covered and someone is responsible for every task in the company.

Organization charts should be structured and ordered in alignment with the flow of business establishment, product creation, quality control, and distribution in your business.

When done properly this leads to total orchestration of your business.

You're in charge of:

  • The entire organization
  • The flows of people, information, activities, products, and finances
  • Business statistics
  • Top down and bottom up total perception of your business

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Kitzmiller Marketing Systems can help you direct your business like a symphony orchestra.