Jim Kitzmiller
            Systems Architect


Marketing Process Flow Analysis - The Life Blood of Your Business

You're probably familiar with the sales pipeline. There is a series of steps that a prospect goes through in the process of buying your products or services. For example:

The prospect:

  1. Hears about your product
  2. Hears good things about your product
  3. Contacts you
  4. Hears more good things about your product
  5. Agrees with you on various points
  6. Sees a demonstration
  7. Gets past objections with your help
  8. Signs the agreement
  9. Makes payment
  10. Receives the product or service

Your exact process will probably be different. However, you get the idea.

Everything Flows through a Series of Steps

This applies to every aspect of your business. Every marketing process. Every sales process. Every hiring process. All parts of your business flow through their own series of steps.

And anything can get stuck or slowed at any point.

Each stuck point can be identified and corrected.

You can get a tremendous return on investment by discovering and unsticking some stuck points. Other stuck points produce minimal return when getting unstuck.

We start by identifying and documenting the various flows. Then Kitzmiller Marketing Systems can help you get incredibly high returns by finding and unsticking the right points.

Why leave money on the table when it's not necessary?