Jim Kitzmiller
            Systems Architect


Marketing Needs Analysis and Hidden Resources

Marketing needs analysis sometimes uncovers hidden resources. This is a very pleasant side effect.

During the analysis your consultant will spark your own creative powers. You work together as a team to clarify and document your objectives well as the full breadth and depth of your resources, including hidden resources.

The objective is to determine actions that will give you maximum return for minimum effort. You'll be delighted if the needs analysis can identify several thousand dollars or more that can be claimed with minimal effort.

It's recommended that you do a needs analysis every month or two. It might turn out to be one of your best investments.

Short Term and Long Term Benefits

We've only been looking at the tip of the iceberg. The major desired result is a complete strategic marketing plan that brings you a multi-faceted foundation so that your business prospers. Even if one income source fails, other sources will take up the slack.

Jay Abraham calls this the Parthenon approach. That multi-pillar Greek architectural wonder stands tall even if one pillar is broken. You can do the same with your business. Have a complete strategic marketing plan.

Basically the analysis ensures that you get optimum bang for your marketing buck.

With unlimited possibilities, you want to make sure you maintain a balance between immediate cash return needs and long term stability.

You also want to ensure that your company maintains a balance between marketing efforts and the ability to deliver what you're selling.