Jim Kitzmiller
            Systems Architect


Link Exchanging with Directory Websites

Well done link exchanging can help your search engine position. The key factor is to make sure you are only exchanging links with a site that has a similar them to your site. For example, if you have a dog training site, you could exchange links with a site that sells dog food. You wouldn't want to exchange links with sites that specialize in car wax.

Search engines give you points when the incoming links come from a site that's related to your theme. This is called quality links. You get even more points if the other site is one of highest ranked sites in its' field.

Directory websites and link exchanging have another advantage. They help you establish contacts with other businesses. Think of it as another type of Rolodex.

You can have directory pages on your content based website. An example is Spa Lovers Guide.

You can also have a website that is nothing but a directory site. An example is Spa Lover Guide.

You can sell advertising on both types of sites.

One great tool for building directory sites is Arelis.

Creating and maintaining these sites involves a lot of grunt work. We'll do this for you at a reduced hourly rate.