Jim Kitzmiller
            Systems Architect


Keyword Analysis and SEO

Keyword analysis is the beginning of your search engine optimization project.

You've probably heard about supply and demand as a fundamental of economic systems. (This is misleading as the true fundamental is supply, demand, and the availability of money.)

Keyword analysis provides a means to determine which site themes and which web page topics will provide the best return on investment.

There are tools, such as WordTracker that provide you with the numbers to support analysis. You get the number of people who have searched on a particular search term in the last month. And you get the number of websites that have pages related to that term.

Number of websites = supply.

Number of searches = demand.

Then a formula is used to determine keyword effectiveness. Typically the formula is something like the demand squared divided by the supply.

Keywords with an effectiveness over 10 are considered good. The higher the better. Site themes with lots of good keywords are considered to be good themes.

This approach still requires that we use common sense. For example, sometimes oddball keywords show up with reportedly astronomical effectiveness. However, the keyword doesn't make any sense. We'll want to discard those keywords from consideration.

Once we've found a good theme with good keywords, we write an optimized page for each keyword.

Kitzmiller Marketing Systems can do your keyword analysis for one or more site themes. Choosing the right theme can save you a fortune.