Jim Kitzmiller
            Systems Architect


My Favorite Programs

Here are some of my favorite programs. Whenever possible, I try to list free or low cost software.

Office Software:

This has to be Open Office. This reads and writes:
  • Microsoft Word Files
  • Microsoft Excel Files
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Files

You can also create programs that read and write Microsoft Access files.

The most important feature is that it's free!!!

For more infomation, please see http://www.openoffice.org.

Startup Control Panel to Speed Up Your Sluggish Computer:

Some software makers love to have their software start running every time you boot your computer. Over time tons of unnecessary stuff can be slowing your computer without your knowledge.

You can prevent this by using Startup Control Panel.

Get it for free from http://www.mlin.net/StartupCPL.shtml.

Transfer Files with i.Ftp: