Jim Kitzmiller
            Systems Architect


Affiliate Programs Build Your Sales Force

Affiliate Programs can often be started for no cost or low cost. The idea is that other people have websites visited by people who could benefit from our product. Or the affiliate might send out newsletters to people who are potential buyers.

Why not give a percentage of the sale to the affiliate. Even if you give 40% or 50% of the profit, it could be well worth your while. This is essentially found money. You're making money that you wouldn't make otherwise.

Super Affiliates

Not all affiliates are created equal. Many sell nothing while others can bring you thousands of dollars per month. You can find these super sales people by searching on keywords related to your specialty. Pick non-competitors who are well ranked with the search engines.

You can also find out which sites link to your top competitors and which of those sites have the most incoming links. That is another list of super affiliates.

Kitzmiller Marketing Systems can help you set up and manage your affiliate program.